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Although it’s my least favorite of the 3, Scream 2 has a GREAT opening death scene. Ignoring the kind of lame “knife through the stall” death of Omar Epps – let’s skip ahead to Jada Pinkett’s spectacuarly scary stabbing in the theater.

Why so scary? Because *I* believe this could actually happen. You’ve got a theater full of entertainment fanatics in the same costume as the killer, brandishing fake knifes and making stabbing motions. It’s entirely plausible to me that someone could get stabbed to death for real in this sitch – and by the time anyone realized it, it would be way too late. Plus, the back and forth between Pinkett’s death and Heather Graham’s on screen near perfect re-enactment of Drew’s death from the first film is pretty damn cool.

Extra bonus points go to Craven for showing splatter on a theater patron’s arm (right after the second stab). 🙂

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