Willow Creek

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Holycrap, you guys. I was not expecting to get completely and totally sucked in by Willow Creek, especially because Director Bobcat Goldthwait has been calling it, “The Blair Squatch Project.” But 10 minutes in, I was ALL in, and even though the premise is ridiculously goofy, the film itself falls firmly in the horror genre.

The ridiculously goofy premise is this: Jim (Bryce Johnson) and his girlfriend Kelly (Alexie Gilmore) take a road trip to the site of the Patterson-Gimlin film footage in search of Bigfoot. It’s clear up front that Kelly isn’t a believer and that even though Jim might kinda-sorta want to believe, this is more about a fun birthday weekend for him that fulfills his childhood dream. Jim’s brought along a camera with plans to film the entire trip as a documentary of their findings, frequently turning it on himself and Kelly and interviewing local townspeople on the way to their end destination. (more…)


Literally Screaming for Ice Cream


Dude. We never get stuff this cool on this side of the pond. :/ Stoyn’s ice cream (in Russia! auuugh!) is making ice cream bars with classic 80s horror icons Pinhead, Chuckie, The Predator Alien, Freddy, and Jason. Admittedly, the flavors all sound pretty weird (tomato/hot pepper? celery/melon??) but they LOOK AWESOME.


(h/t to my friend Steven for pointing this out to me!)

This is why Twitter rules.


Zach Galligan, who you might remember from Gremlins, but MORE IMPORTANTLY from Waxwork (aka one of my favorite horror movies of all time) replied to my tweet about him being Hatchet 3! I. am. so. nerding. out. right. now.

In related news: LONG Live Victor Crowley.