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Y’all! I loved RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE so much and was stoked to be able to ask Jay Baruchel a question about it during a press roundtable, First of all, let me say that this was one of the best press roundtables I’ve been to (virtually, of course), and Jay was gracious and kind and

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There are SO MANY MOVIES I want to see at Fantasia Fest this year that it was hard for me to choose favorites, so apologies (?) in advance for this long-ass post of film picks. THE RECKONING | Directed by Neil Marshall | Thu August 20“England. 1665. The great plague has the country whiplashed into

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Splatter Roundup: Stuff I’ve Watched Lately

Wolf Creek The Series

The Boy (2016) Oof. I know when they released this they were trying to capitalize on the “Annabelle” craze, but they tried to pack too much into this thing instead of just making a solid murderous doll movie. An American woman gets a job as a nanny to an older couple’s “Boy” — who, as

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The Following

I was so excited when I heard about the bunches of new horror TV shows following the success of American Horror Story, especially about The Following—starring one Mr. Ren McCormack Kevin Bacon. A handsome, charismatic serial killer who uses the works of Edgar Allen Poe as inspiration for his murders and the basis for his

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Bereavement Vs. Chained

Moving on from the Craven madness, here are #16 and 17 of my 31 Days of Horror Films (which I may or may not have to extend into November): Bereavement and Chained.  I picked up a few new’ish horror released lately at my favorite video store: Chained, which is Jennifer Lynch’s latest, and Bereavement, which

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The People Under the Stairs

Another Wes Craven entry for 31 Horror films this October: The People Under the Stairs!  Here’s the thing about The People Under the Stairs: when I first saw it in the theater, I was so disappointed because I thought it was TERRIBLE. But since then, I’ve recognized that it actually swings right past terrible into

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