Podcastin’ about Splatter

If you’d like to actually listen to me talk about movies instead of just reading what I write about them, the lovely people at Scarecrow Video had me on their podcast as a guest — in which I cover some Italian Horror, Eli Roth’s films, and movie soundtracks.

You can find it here.


{photo from Dario Argento’s Deep Red} 


Screaming my way through Halloween Horror Nights

Eli Roth's Hostel: Hunting Season Maze

Pictured above: Eli Roth’s Hostel: Hunting Season Maze

I am still in shock and awe at how completely and totally awesome Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights was. My throat was sore from screaming, and I swear I injured some muscles from hunching over, tensing up, and running in a crouched position. So funny how every time I went into a maze, I thought I wasn’t going to be scared, but EVERY TIME the jumpy-out things got me. Every. Time.

Anyways! I don’t have many photos – both because it was too dark to see everything and because you’re moving so fast/want to take in everything first hand that you can’t really stop to take a bunch. Which is honestly pretty cool so it doesn’t ruin it for everyone else. I’m kind of hoping Universal posts a bunch of photos after they wrap up so people can see how great it is and go next year to see both the old and new stuff. The few snaps I did take are here.

Here’s a wrap-up of what my friend Hanna and I experienced:

Hostel: Hunting Season
Since I’m an Eli Roth fangirl, this was the primary reason I wanted to visit Horror Nights. Unfortunately, I totally forgot about the whole “password for Elite Hunting Card” deal that I was obsessed with as soon as I got to the front of the maze (Bratislava, dammit! I so wish I hadn’t been too amped to say it then). Two sexy east European girls greeted us with a smile, a wave, and a cold “goodbye” just as we walked in. EEEEEK. (more…)

Can’t Look Away @ the EMP/SFM

If any of you live in or near Seattle, or are planning to visit the Seattle area anytime soon (okay, even within the next 2 years), you HAVE to check out EMP’s new horror-centric exhibit, Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film. It is simply. AMAZING.

I wrote a review of it for Three Imaginary Girls, and you can view all the photos I took on Flickr, here.

I. cannot. stop. raving about it. !!!


Spoiler warning! 

When I first saw Hostel I honestly wasn’t a fan. It takes a looong time to get to any kind of gore (we’re 33 minutes in before the first severed head is revealed – and then it’s another 20 minutes before the real gory stuff starts), and the main characters are all completely unlikable douche-bags.

But, I’ve since come around. Why? Because Eli Roth has a masterful way of telling a story, and mygod, that man knows his gore. A recent re-watch made me realize that there’s actually a surprisingly little amount of blood and guts on screen. I tallied it up, and all the bloody stuff adds up to roughly 20 minutes.  (more…)

Halloween Horror Nights


It’s been a while. Excited to go back to the factory Friday at @HorrorNights…

Dude. Dude. DUDE!!!! My friend and I are totally headed to LA to do this thing. Not to mention mazes of; The Thing: Assimilation, Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare, Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses, and tons of other awesome bloody, scary things that I can’t wait to experience.

I’ve been re-living my Las Vegas haunted house tour for many, many years (the local haunted houses just don’t cut it – see what I did there?) and I’m sure Halloween Horror Nights is going to blow them out of the water.

Sadly, there’s no photos allowed – but I will do my best to capture the experience after I get back (near the end of October).

Best. Halloween. Activity. EVER.

Cabin Fever

31 Horror Movies I Own #30: Cabin Fever

I know everybody likes Hostel more, but I still stand by my belief that Eli Roth’s first film is his best (so far). Cabin Fever evokes the feeling of old-school slasher movies complete with the requisite amount of drugs, booze, and T&A—but instead of a crazy killer, it’s an unstoppable virus that’s killing people.

The gist is that some college kids head out to a small cabin to party, and unfortunately encounter a very sick gentleman who stumbles out of the woods and vomits blood all over their car, and well, that’s when the trouble starts. Mysterious skin rashes turn into melting piles of goo, exploding bodies, and friends turning against friends as they try to fight something they can’t win against.

There are definitely a few “really?” moments that aren’t perfect, but as a whole, this film is highly entertaining. Blood, gore. More blood, more gore. Cringe-worthy close-ups of skin, bone and entrails, and the grossest shaving scene I’ve ever seen. I still think it’s great, and deserves more praise than it gets.

I recently caught Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, and it was also good in a similar way—as in: more blood and guts on screen than actual plot…and it’s actually even grosser. If that’s what you’re in to, check it out.