Joining the list of horror movies that are a whole lotta fun is James Gunn’s Slither, which combines laughs with over-the-top special F/X that rival even Cronenberg’s grossest creations.

Michael Rooker stars as Grant Grant (ha!), the wealthiest man in small town whose hot wife, Starla, is the envy of everyone else, in particular police chief Bill Pardy — played by my favorite guy ever in the history of ever, Nathan Fillion.

Unfortunately, Grant stumbles upon a sticky alien thing which promptly infects him, and then sets out trying to turn the rest of the town into zombies, which eventually adhere themselves to Grant Grant in a big, seething mass. Leading the viewers to say, along with Bill, “Well now, that is some fucked up shit.”

And it is. It really, really is. But even though there’s enough saliva, goop, entrails, teeth, bone, blobular body parts, guts, and disgusting pulsing worm creatures to cover 20 horror films, you’re still going to laugh your way through this one because it’s so. damn. funny.

Every line of dialog is clever. Everyone in the cast is perfect. And they don’t skimp on the buckets of blood and gore. Slither is absolutely one of my favorite hilarious horror movies ever, right up there with Evil Dead 2.

Highly recommended for horror fans and comedy fans alike – and if you haven’t seen Super (also directed by Gunn), you should check that out too.


The Thing (redux)

Got a chance to see the new version of The Thing today, and while it’s technically a prequel (showing us what happened to the Norwegian station from the first film), it’s really more like “premake”…or a “requel”.

That is to say, there was really no reason for this movie to be made, at all, because you can watch John Carpenter’s The Thing and be just as entertained. Actually, even more entertained.

It’s set in the same year (1982), in the same place (Antartica), with the same monster. The only thing different is the cast of characters – and even then, they’re not really all that different. Sure, they tried to vary a few things, but what you have here is almost exactly the same formula and plot. And I could swear they used the same sets…those buildings looked awfully familiar.

There are some pretty killer special F/X, and I appreciate that the alien had consistency in its form and function (re: the 80s film), but honestly, you guys. I’m just not even sure it’s worth your money.

Recommended only if you’re intensely curious. Otherwise, spend your dollars buying Carpenter’s on blu-Ray instead.

John Carpenter’s The Thing

With the remake prequel looming, you know I had to devote some time to a re-watch of John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Amazingly, despite the hair farm that Kurt Russel is cultivating (plus having to get over the fact that Wilfred Brimley looks downright spry and Keith David is young and virile), this 1982 film totally holds up.

The Thing itself is executed in grotesque, goop-covered F/X glory, lending a surreal touch to the already isolated Artic setting. And in addition to providing lots of splattery moments, this movie is also packed full of sneak-up-on-you jumpy scares, and thrilling reveals.

The Thing, you see, can be anybody, at any time. And there’s no way to know who it is. Alien had facehuggers that snuck in and impregnated people with babies. The Thing can slink around with one remaining tentacle and attack someone in secret, disguising themselves as a perfect replica.

Absolutely worth a watch — there’s not a boring moment on screen. And before you get all up in arms about the 2011 version, remember that this one was actually a remake too — of 1952’s The Thing From Another World.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

31 Horror Movies I Own #15: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

I’ve seen all the versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers—the original 1956 version, 1993’s Body Snatchers, 1994’s The Puppet Masters, 2007’s The Invasion (HORRIBLE)—and the 1978 version directed by Philip Kaufman is THE BEST.

I’m not just sayin’ that because of my raging crush on Jeff Goldblum either (even though he’s totally one of the best parts). From the lighting to the special F/X, the whole feel of this film is creepy and wrong, which starts it off on exactly the right foot. (more…)

Android Splatter

I couldn’t find a photo of the actual moment of splatter, where the queen Alien shoves her gigantic spiked tail through Bishop – but here’s a shot of Lance Henricksen (well, half of him anyway) with Ripley and Newt in the aftermath…which is still pretty splatter-rific.

I wonder what the hell that is anyway – milk thickened with something? Paint? Paper-mache paste? Hmm…I’m going to have to research this.