Man oh man. I finally caught Splinter the other day due to my friend Carl’s recommendation and HOLYCRAP WAS IT AWESOME.

It’s about a couple who gets kidnapped by an ex-con – only to end up trapped inside a gas station by the craziest parasite ever put on film. I mean, this thing is BRUTAL. Spiky, and brutal. I can’t really say anything else without ruining what happens, but this thing has some of the best special F/X and bloody gore I’ve ever seen. Just a really fantastic little horror film.

Definitely recommended! Check it out.


Can’t Look Away @ the EMP/SFM

If any of you live in or near Seattle, or are planning to visit the Seattle area anytime soon (okay, even within the next 2 years), you HAVE to check out EMP’s new horror-centric exhibit, Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film. It is simply. AMAZING.

I wrote a review of it for Three Imaginary Girls, and you can view all the photos I took on Flickr, here.

I. cannot. stop. raving about it. !!!

Artfully Terrifying

This is FANTASTIC! So much goodness packed into one illustration.

Not for the Squeamish

I was rewatching both Alien and Aliens this weekend, and while they are not ‘technically’ horror films, there do both contain quite a bit of lovely splatter…and not just your regular garden variety splatter, either. There’s human blood splatter, synthetic android splatter, and alien blood splatter. Hooray!

Anyway – speaking of splatter: I found an extended clip of the chest burster scene that illustrates both Ridley Scott’s genius camera work, and some STUNNING special F/X work. Check Veronica Cartwright and Tom Skerrit’s faces, the fountain O’blood coming out John Hurt’s chest – and the blood drip off the ceiling. SO COOL!