The Lords of Salem

I’ve mentioned before that I have a love/hate relationship with Rob Zombie. While I appreciate a lot of what he does, I still feel like his films aren’t as completely awesome as they should be. That said, his new film, The Lords of Salem, has a killer (haha) cast including Barbara Crampton, Ken Foree (!!!), Dee Wallace, and Meg Foster – just to name a few of my favorites. And this still pretty much guarantees that I will see the film, no matter what.

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Nightmares for life


I think JoBeth Williams totally deserves a Scream Queen title for Poltergeist, don’t you?

Night of the Demons

Nice strategically place rips, there.

Night of the Demons 1988 Vs. 2009

The 1988 version of Night of the Demons is by no means a masterpiece, but since it was released during my impressionable teenage years, I kind of love it. It’s slow-going and takes forever to get to the gore, but when it does, it’s a mix of terror and WTF moments, involving lipstick being ingested by boob and naughty 80s dancing.

Unfortunately, the remake gets everything wrong. (more…)


31 Horror Movies I Own #8: Re-Animator

A long-time Re-Animator fan, one of the best memories I have is of heading to The Grand Illusion with friends to see a screening and meet Director Stuart Gordon, who introduced the film with hilarious tales of how it started as a stage play, and how they’d throw buckets of fake blood on the audience during key scenes.

Oh man, how I wish I could have been there for THAT.

But it’s okay, because the movie Re-Animator is just as awesome. Jeffery Combs totally nails it as out-of-control Herbert West, hell-bent on developing a serum that will bring people back to life. (more…)

Jennifer Carpenter: Actually a decent Scream Queen – who knew?

Say, here’s a movie that took me completely by surprise: Quarantine. I remember seeing the previews for this last year and loudly dismissing it as total crap. But back then, I mistakenly thought it was some kind of extension of the Saw franchise. Still, even at the beginning of our On Demand purchase, I was skeptical – is that The Schaech I see? With a bad mustache? Why yes, yes it is. Man, that guy gets around the bad B-movies (or so I thought).

But almost as soon as the hot guy (Jay Hernandez, of course), the douchebag (Schaech) and our intrepid reporter (Carpenter) get locked in a creepy old apartment building with a cast of other character actors, things get interesting. And by interesting, I mean zombies. And by zombies, I mean enough splatter, exposed bones, brains and other grossness to keep me more than happy. Seriously – I don’t know who this John Erik Dowdle character is, but I’m paying attention now. You did Romero proud, son.

Of course, I have no idea how much of this brilliance is due to [REC], the Spanish film on which this was based on, but at the very least: good job on translating something without ruining it. I thought I’d at least be disappointed in Carpenter, as her character on Dexter bugs – but nope. She’s got a set of lungs on her, and definitely knows how to act terrified.

And – I don’t want to spoil anything but: BEST ENDING. EVER.