Gorey 3D Goodness!

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Here’s the thing about the 2009 remake of My Bloody Valentine – you HAVE to go see it in 3D, you HAVE to go see it with as many friends as you can gather together, and you HAVE to go in expecting it to be silly fun. If you’re looking for scares, this isn’t going to cut it. This is cheesy-over-the-top-ridiculousness in all its glory. And the 3D effects are completely awesome and blood-soaked.

There’s one scene in particular where the killer pulls his pick axe out of victim’s head and blood geysers straight out the top towards the screen in 3D towards your face! Although I’m guessing many people won’t even notice, as that scene also contains the longest, most gratuitous in-your-face-full-frontal female nudity that I can recall seeing in any horror movie.

In any case, MBV3D was everything I’d hoped it would be, and of course they left this thing wide open for a sequel – which damn well better be in 3D also! 🙂

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