Pink: Kathy Bates, or Jack Nicholson?

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First a confession: this song is growing on me at a somewhat alarming rate, which I find slightly disturbing as I never thought I would like any Pink song, much less admit it in my blog, but there you go.

In any case, the whole reason for posting this video is because I happened to catch it while channel surfing the other day, and was intrigued by the Misery + The Shining refs throughout. I carefully watched it a few more times trying to discern whether or not the director had a more robust theme happening, but the closest things I could find referencing other movies were the attack dog (The Omen?) and the multitudes of creepy dolls which seemed a teeny bit Blade Runner-esque…but I’m probably stretching my imagination too far with those two.

And now I’m desperately trying to remember if there’s a scene in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle involving marbles & a staircase. Hmm…hello, new obsession.

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