Horror Movie Tribute FAIL

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There were multiple things wrong with the Oscar “horror movie tribute” this year, not the least of which was having the Twilight kids come out and introduce it like so:

“Although the most popular genre of film is horror, and although it gave a start to the careers of a lot of people in this room, somehow, it doesn’t seem to command the respect it deserves. It’s been 37 long years since horror had its place on this show, when The Exorcist picked up two Academy Awards….”

Um. Hold up a second. What about when Kathy Bates won the Best Actress Oscar for Misery in 1990? AND in 1992, Silence of the Lambs won BEST PICTURE along with Best Director, Best Writing, Best Actor and Best Actress! Even if you wanted to argue that those are both more thriller than horror, they featured them in the montage so WTF? Did no one double-check that little intro to make sure it matched what followed?

Anyway, here’s the clip breakdown:
Jaws | Nightmare on Elm Street | Child’s Play | The Exorcist | Bram Stoker’s Dracula | Psycho | Halloween | Scream | Poltergeist | Nightmare on Elm Street | Psycho | The Amityville Horror | The Shining | Scream | Hellraiser | Friday the 13th (I think part 3) | Saw | Silence of the Lambs | Halloween | Alien | Leprechaun | Child’s Play | Texas Chainsaw Massacre PART 4 | Evil Dead 2| The Shining | Nightmare on Elm Street | Psycho | The Ring | Rosemary’s Baby | Misery |Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? | Nosferatu | Phantom of the Opera | The Hunchback of Notre Dame| Dracula | The Wolfman | The Mummy | Frankenstein | Bride of Frankenstein | Robert Deniro as Frankenstein | Young Frankenstein | From Dusk til Dawn | Beetlejuice | Sleepy Hollow | The Birds | The Amityville Horror | Psycho | Bram Stoker’s Dracula | Night of the Living Dead | Poltergeist | Sleepy Hollow | Pyscho | The Ring | The Fly | Scream | Leprechaun | Halloween | Nightmare on Elm Street | Little Shop of Horrors: 1986 & 1960 | Marathon Man | The Blob | TWILIGHT | Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4 | Leprechaun | Beetlejuice | Interview with the Vampire | Aliens |  Edward Scissorhands | Friday the 13th | The Shining | The Sixth Sense | Paranormal Activity | The Shining | Halloween | Bram Stoker’s Dracula | Alien | Halloween 2 | Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4 | From Dusk til Dawn | Psycho | The Exorcist | Carrie | The Shining | (something I can’t recognize) | The Blob | The Blair Witch Project | Silence of the Lambs | The Sixth Sense | The Omen | Scream | Silence of the Lambs | Jaws

Movies I would throw out:
Young Frankenstein
Edward Scissorhands

ALL of those are comedies, people. COMEDIES. (Although I suppose Leprechaun could also be considered a comedy, as it has more laughs than actual terror…)

And of course, I would also eject Twilight. Because that’s 98% teenage angst and only 2% vampire carnage.

And I know why they chose Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4 – so they could point out a very young Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey , but COME ON. Not even one nod to the original? The whole thing just makes me angry.
Next time, Academy. DO IT RIGHT.

In related news: does anyone recognize the clip of the centipede bug crawling into the guy’s mouth sandwiched in-between The Shining and The Blob at the end? I’m ashamed at myself for not knowing which film that is.

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