Piranha 3D

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  1. Swimming into a passage that connects your lake to a secret, underground, prehistoric lake = not a good idea.
  2. Walking out on to an old, creaky dock in the middle of the night = also, not such a good idea.
  3. Swimming amongst rows and rows of millions of Piranha eggs and then POKING at them = an even worse idea.
  4. Floating in an inner tube = WORST IDEA EVER.
  5. Two naked chicks can hold their breath underwater for a REALLY long time.
  6. A glass bottom boat classes up any homemade porn video.
  7. Piranhas don’t like the taste of breast implants.
  8. It’s possible to still be alive, even with all of your leg meat gnawed off.
  9. The guy who runs the wet T-shirt contest is going to die in the most horrible way possible.
  10. The first bite draws blood, the blood draws the pack (thank you, Christopher Llyod. I only wish you had said “Great Scott!”)

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