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31 Horror Movies I Own #21: Saw

There are plenty of people will disagree with me, but despite all the ridiculous sequels, I really enjoy the first Saw.

Although it is sometimes hard to sit through the sub-par acting of the two leads (particularly Cary Elwes and his forced American accent), when it was released, the story was fresh—a serial killer who doesn’t actually kill anyone himself, but instead gives the people he’s abducted a choice, based on what they’re willing to do to survive.

Supporting that idea are a bunch of innovative “traps” designed for maximum carnage and some tricky morality, which is exactly what makes Jigsaw memorable. Well, okay, that and the creepy tricycle-riding puppet thing and caped-pig-headed figures…and of course, Tobin Bell’s cold, steely delivery.

I’ll go ahead and say that Saw contains some top-notch blood and gore, kills that rival the Lust murder in Seven, and a twist that will impress you (IF you’re lucky enough not to have seen anything giving it away in clips or sequels). Also, there’s the title—which turns out to be a clever reference.  All that, plus you get to see Lost’s Michael Emerson.

As for the sequels, I covered that here. Here’s hoping the upcoming Saw 3D restores my faith in the series.

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