Open House

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Open House (2010)

Those of you who might have seen the cover art for this film probably noticed that Sookie & Bill from True Blood are featured prominently. That’s actually a slick marketing trick, since their combined screen time is less than 10 minutes. It all makes sense, though, because this little horror flick is directed by Anna Pacquin’s brother, Andrew…and it’s honestly a pretty impressive debut.

Mainly because the two leads are pitch perfect as a creepy serial killer duo who targets “for sale” houses, moves in, and then hunts people down, invites them over for dinner, and systematically slaughters them. Sure, Tricia Helfer is a little over-the-top as sex-crazed hard body Lila, but somehow it works within this context. Brian Geraghty does an EXCELLENT job as her socially awkward, prudish partner, David – he’s got the dead-eyed stare down pat. And there’s actually so much blood, gore, and throat slitting that I became desensitized, making the scariest murder one that happened out of frame (exquisite screams, nice Foley, and astounding scariness from Geraghty).

The only weak link here is pretty hostage Alice (Rachel Blanchard), who spends most of the movie locked in a closet. See, David kind of wants a girl for keeps, but Lila would jealously kill her if she knew she was alive – so most of the movie is spent trying to hide her, which unfortunately, doesn’t give her much to do.

Despite its faults, though, I’d recommend this one. It’s pretty entertaining, and the end left me satisfactorily horrified.

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