The Fly

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(I almost feel like I should apologize for choosing this photo – but it kind of says it all) 

The original The Fly with Vincent Price (not as the actual fly) was something I caught on TV when I was a kid, and I always thought it was super creepy and gross UNTIL I SAW CRONENBERG’S VERSION. Look, no one can do gross like this guy, and The Fly is probably his finest example of complete disgustingness.

Spoilers (kind of):
I had a huge crush on Jeff Goldblum when this film was released, so I always find it somewhat distressing to watch him disintegrate into Brundlefly, yet I can’t think of anyone more perfectly suited to play the part of a nerdy scientist whose arrogance causes him to move too quickly and fuck things up with terrible consequences.

The first appearance of the coarse hairs on Goldblum’s back are bad enough, but once he starts getting all bumpy and losing body parts, I can barely handle it (the jars in the “Brundlefly Museum” cabinet always make me freak out).

This is yet another 80s horror movie that definitely looks dated (check out Davis’s outfits and Goldblum’s spectacular mullet), but the concept and execution still hold up. It’s all kinds of wrong in the best way possible, and the blu-Ray disc I picked up not long ago shows every single horrific effect in glorious, full-color detail.

Recommended to: EVERYONE. I mean it, seriously. Rent it now if you’ve never seen it.

Oh, and extra props to Geena for having a fantastic scream…

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