Ginger Snaps 2

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31 Horror Movies in 31 Days Two-for-1!
Well, more like two in one day, since I missed yesterday’s post. 

I know I’ve talked about my love for Ginger Snaps before, but I feel like it needs even more appreciation, along with its sequel: Ginger Snaps: Unleashed.

Ginger Snaps is a fantastic little horror film, blending humor, teenage girl angst, and bloody horror into a very enjoyable ride. Katherine Isabelle is perfect as Ginger, delivering each sarcastic line with deadpan joy, and acting the crap out of the terror of becoming a werewolf. Emily Perkins as Brigitte also totally kills it as her awkward younger sister.

Ginger Snaps 2  lets Perkins really shine by making Brigitte the main character, and also introduces Tatiana Maslany as Ghost, who is so amazing in this film it’s almost unreal. This is one of those rare instances where the sequel is as good as the original — and it also has a very different, much darker tone. I don’t want to give away anything, but at the end of this one, my mouth was hanging open in disbelief.

Two different directors managed to turn out a couple of great werewolf films that are just begging for a double-feature night. Rent ‘em both for bloody, gory goodness!

Just skip the third installment – a prequel that’s weak and uninteresting.

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