The Thing (redux)

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Got a chance to see the new version of The Thing today, and while it’s technically a prequel (showing us what happened to the Norwegian station from the first film), it’s really more like “premake”…or a “requel”.

That is to say, there was really no reason for this movie to be made, at all, because you can watch John Carpenter’s The Thing and be just as entertained. Actually, even more entertained.

It’s set in the same year (1982), in the same place (Antartica), with the same monster. The only thing different is the cast of characters – and even then, they’re not really all that different. Sure, they tried to vary a few things, but what you have here is almost exactly the same formula and plot. And I could swear they used the same sets…those buildings looked awfully familiar.

There are some pretty killer special F/X, and I appreciate that the alien had consistency in its form and function (re: the 80s film), but honestly, you guys. I’m just not even sure it’s worth your money.

Recommended only if you’re intensely curious. Otherwise, spend your dollars buying Carpenter’s on blu-Ray instead.

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