Murder by Numbers: Freddy’s Kill Count

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Every once in awhile I become obsessed with the number of kills and the ways in which people are dispatched, and I think about actually documenting it for future reference in a nerdy stats kind of way – and thus, I begin with the original seven A Nightmare on Elm Street Films.

(I left Freddy Vs. Jason out because I was wrestling with whether the kills he used Jason to facilitate count as his, or Jason’s…)

Spoilers obviously ahead: 

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 

  • Tina: gutted by Freddy claw
  • Rod: strangled with a prison bed sheet
  • Glen: death by Freddy, who pulled him into his own bed with half his room, which resulted in a massive blood-letting
  • Marge Thompson (Nancy’s mom): choked and burnt to death by a flaming Freddy

Final kill count = 4

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985)

  • Coach Schneider – pummeled by sports equipment, tied up by jump rope, and dragged to the shower where he’s stripped naked, beaten with towels, and then eventually slashed by Freddy while being showered with his own blood.
  • Grady – slit end to end against a door by Freddy’s glove after he crawls out of Jesse’s body
  • 5 anonymous teens slashed to death by Freddy at the pool party
  • one anonymous teen trampled by other fleeing teens
  • 1-4 more boiled alive in the pool (impossible to tell who made it out alive)
  • Kerry – death by Freddy hand busting out of her chest on the final bus ride

Kill count = 9-14

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

  • Phillip – posing as a puppet, Freddy slices his arms and legs open to pull out tendons, than walks him off the top of the building where he falls to his death
  • Jennifer – grabbed by TV Freddy (the set sprouts mechanical arms and a Freddy head with antennae) and pulled headfirst into the screen, presumably dying of electrocution.
  • Taryn – injected with needles from Freddy’s hands until her veins pop out of her head
  • Will – stabbed in the neck by Freddy claw after a failed wizard-magic attempt
  • Lt. Thompson (Nancy’s father) thrown by Freddy skeleton onto a sharp car part, which punctures his chest and kills him
  • Nancy – stabbed in the gut by Freddy’s glove (while he’s masquerading as her father)

Kill count = 6

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)

  • Kincaid – stabbed in the gut by Freddy in the car junkyard where his skeleton was buried, after being brought back to life by a fire-peeing dog. (what.)
  • Joey – drowned in his own waterbed by Freddy after being lured in by a naked model (what. what.)
  • Kristen – thrown into boiler by Freddy and burned to death in her own bed.
  • Sheila – has the breath sucked out of her by Freddy, which translates to a fatal asthma attack.
  • Rick – Killed by Freddy’s glove to the gut after a martial arts battle, in which Krueger is invisible.
  • Debbie – Turns into a roach and gets stuck in a roach motel and squashed by Freddy (what, what, what.)

Kill count = 6

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child (1989)

  • Dan – gets trapped by buckles gone wild in his own car, which causes a crash, wherein Dan then jumps on a motorcycle which Freddy fuses him to (including injecting him with fuel) and causes him to crash again, dying this time….back in his truck, which explodes.
  • Greta – fed a ton of food by Freddy at a dinner party that translates into her choking to death.
  • Mark – gets sucked into a comic book and turns into one of his superhero drawings to fight Freddy, but then Freddy turns into a giant indestructible superhero and then swipes at a now two-dimensional drawing of Mark, tearing him to pieces.

Kill count = 3

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)

  • Carlos – Freddy chops off his entire ear, and then gives him back his hearing aid—which turns into a gross biological thing that fuses with his flesh to make his hearing super powered and overwhelming, until his head explodes from Freddy’s claws against a chalkboard.
  • Spencer – gets sucked into the TV and ends up in a videogame that Freddy controls, which (after WAY too long of a scene) ends with him bouncing around the house beating himself up and falling down the stairs into a hole, dying.
  • John – falls from the sky after Freddy cuts his (imaginary dream) parachute, onto a bed of nails.
  • (in flashback) Mrs. Kreuger – Freddy’s wife – strangled and beaten to death after she learns the awful truth.

Kill count = 4

New Nightmare (1994)

  • Chase – gets stabbed in the chest by his new Freddy glove, which causes a fatal car crash
  • Julie – stabbed in the back and dragged up the wall, torn apart by Freddy’s glove (very similar to Tina’s death in the original)
  • Chuck & Terry – Special F/X guys – stabbed in the neck by their animated Freddy claw (you see this earlier in the film during a dream sequence, but Nancy is told they died later in real life)

Kill count = 4 

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