Lost Girl Kicks Ass

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I was skeptical about this whole “fae” thing, but as it turns out, SyFy’s Lost Girl is filling the void that Buffy left in my fantasy-loving heart.

Main character Bo is a sexy succubus with the power to drain the life out of men or women, or you know – touch them and make them do her bidding. Rough gig, huh? Anyway, she avoids joining up with either the dark or light fae gangs, which makes her extra-desirable, kinda like the sexy wolfman/cop Dyson (who can help heal her by gettin’ busy RAWR).

It’s glossy and super-sexed up, but I am growing to LOVE IT – even if at least one of the episode’s plots was so Buffy it hurt (hello! Sorority house sacrifices to a creepy swamp-dweller is a little too familiar, writers).

Bonus: Goth-girl Kenzi makes an excellent sidekick. “Holy shitballs” exclamations, crazy antics, and a clever kick of Whedon-like humor make her super endearing.

I recommend you check it out, as it’s replaced Grimm as my supernatural go-to lately, along with The Fades (post forthcoming) and Being Human. Also, last episode’s head-chopping off incident proved they don’t shy away from good splatter.

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