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WHAT A RIDE. Friends, I am so excited to share that THE MORTUARY COLLECTION is absolutely the most fun I’ve had watching a movie in forever. 

Mysterious Raven’s End Mortuary proprietor Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown) is surprised when a young woman named Sam (Caitlin Fisher) arrives at his doors to inquire about a Help Wanted sign out front. As she browses his vast collection of books, he reveals that each tome contains the story of someone’s death — and decides to share a few lurid tales with her. 

We see each tale unfold as Dark spins the narrative as a sort of “test” to see if Sam would be a good candidate for the job. He tells her about how a grifter met a very strange fate inside a locked bathroom; how a college lothario learned a gruesome lesson about safe sex; how a married man-turned full time caretaker for his sick wife made terrible choice after terrible choice … each of the stories leveling up in terror and gore as Sam listens, intently. Will she take the job, or won’t see? You gotta watch to find out! 

COLLECTION is a true joy to watch: a nod to classic anthologies that hit me right in my CREEPSHOW and TALES FROM THE CRYPT-loving heart. And even putting aside the fact that I would listen to Clancy Brown read literally ANYTHING; he was clearly born to play Montgomery Dark, giving me all the Tall Man vibes and just being creepy as hell. That. Laugh. And Fisher! Goodlord. Where has this woman been? She’s fucking perfect. 

On top of all of that, the special F/X are top-notch, the sets are gorgeous, and it’s beautifully filmed. Director and Writer Ryan Spindell has created a true classic. I’m 100% certain THE MORTUARY COLLECTION is going to end up on many people’s fave horror anthology lists, and I can’t wait for more people to see it! 

Oh! And the splatter? IT’S SPECTACULAR. 

See THE MORTUARY COLLECTION streaming On Demand as part of Fantasia International Film Festival’s online program, August 20 through September 2.


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