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An ominous sound croaks through the darkness. A fisherman awakens on his boat in the middle of the ocean, not remembering the night before. Dead fish are washing up on the beaches; birds fall out of the sky, and there’s just a general feeling of unease rippling through the locals. Something is going very, very wrong on Block Island. 

In THE BLOCK ISLAND SOUND, marine biologist Audry Lynch (Michaela McManus) is reluctantly called back home to investigate the mysterious deaths of animals. With her daughter in tow, Audry arrives to find tension between her father (Neville Archambault) and brother, Harry (Chris Sheffield). 

Dad’s been acting strange — sleepwalking in the middle of the night, creepin’ on the neighbor’s dog, cocking his head to listen to …. nothing, and acting confused and angry when confronted by his son about it. Harry thinks his dad is just getting old and is fine, but Audry suspects something more sinister is going on. 

As more and more strange occurrences happen, the tension between the two siblings ramps up, and it becomes clear that whatever has been affecting their father is working their way into Harry, too. 

SOUND is a disquieting little indie horror film that does an amazing job of drawing you into its story; so much so that I’m still thinking of it days after viewing. The paranoia slowly builds to an explosive conclusion that will leave you questioning what you just watched, and helpless knowing that the cycle will just keep repeating. 

Watch the Fantasia Q&A with Co-Directors Kevin McManus and Matthew McManus, and Actors Chris Sheffield and Michaela McManus to learn more about the making of the film. (WARNING: SPOILERS WILL BE SPILLED!) 

THE BLOCK ISLAND SOUND will stream again online as part of Fantasia International Film Festival, Tuesday, September 1, 11:10pm EDT. 


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