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Audrey and Henry Walsh love their grandson and will do ANYTHING FOR JACKSON — which is why they’ve kidnapped a pregnant woman and plan to perform a ritual in order to swap Jackson’s soul into the baby and resurrect him from the dead. But, as Audrey says at one point, the Walsh’s have gotten in a little over their heads. 

They’ve made sure the woman doesn’t have any close family; they’ve soundproofed the room; and they’ve made sure to keep their routine exactly the same so no one suspects anything, but then a savvy police inspector catches Henry in a lie, and their regular snow removal serviceman shows up despite them cancelling their service.

Also, attending a local satanist group is one thing; using an ancient text to summon the devil is quite another. Especially when you’re a newbie to the Church of Satan and can’t translate all of the text in the book you’re casting from.  

JACKSON was so much more fun than I was expecting! The comedy of two grandparents trying to calmly and rationally use dark magics somehow meshes perfectly with the more terrifying scenes. I’m not big on jump scares, but this has some great ones as well as some premium splatter. Highly recommend you check this one out! 

ANYTHING FOR JACKSON is available to view as part of the Nightstream film festival, from now until October 15th at 12am.

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