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Elza Kephart’s over-the-top comedy horror about possessed jeans that go on a killing spree is exactly what you think it is and MORE than what you’re expecting. 

Libby (Romane Denis) arrives for her first day at giant clothing store Canadian Cotton Clothiers to help prepare for the arrival of an exciting new innovation: Super Shapers – jeans that automatically adapt to fit the wearer perfectly, no matter their size. CCC prides itself on its organic, ethically-sourced cotton and fair-trade deal with India – and the SS jeans are the latest arrival from their sweatshop-free manufacturing workforce. 

Once the store begins it’s “lockdown” for the night so they can ready things for the huge SS launch, the jeans come to life and start picking off the (mostly obnoxious) crew one-by-one. Bloody chaos ensues as Libby bands together with longtime crew member Shruti (Sehar Bhojani) to figure out how to defeat the killer jeans — and escape the tyranny of District Manager Craig (Brett Donahue). 

The mystery of how the jeans become a sentient killing machine is eventually solved, and this is where the film moves from poking fun at big chain clothing stores and influencer culture to a much shrewder criticism of capitalist greed. The two parts don’t quite come together smoothly, but as a whole the film is so entertaining, and the ending is SO GOOD, you won’t really care. 

Bring on the killer jeans!  

{SLAXX will be streaming on Shudder starting March 18}

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