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ATTACHMENT introduces us to Maja (Josephine Park), an actress who seems to only be able to book jobs based on a popular character she played many years ago in a holiday film. On her way to a library gig, she (literally) runs into visiting student Leah (Ellie Kendrick), and they form an instant bond with Leah ending up at Maja’s apartment for the next few days and deciding to extend her trip away from home.

As they fall in love, Leah reveals that she still lives with her mother, Chana (Sofie Gråbøl), hinting at her controlling nature. After Leah has an accident and breaks her leg, Maja goes home with her to help her recover, and starts noticing strange behavior from Leah and experiences Chana’s overprotectiveness first hand.

Shut out by Chana, Maja decides to consult with Leah’s Uncle Lev (David Dencik), who gives her a book about the dybbuk: a dislocated spirit who possesses a “host” and carries out malicious deeds. But it’s easier for Maja to put the blame for Leah’s behavior on Chana’s controlling nature than it is for her to believe in Jewish folklore – a mistake which may cost the two lovers their lives. 

Director Gabriel Bier Gislason wrote the part for Park, which is loosely inspired by stories from her life, and it’s easy to see why, since she’s absolutely captivating on screen. Kendrick also does a fantastic job showing both the mental and physical toll of possession – resulting in several very terrifying moments.

ATTACHMENT is beautifully shot and performed, and tells a realistic, endearing queer love story whilst unraveling a slow burn of supernatural terror. Watch it exclusively on Shudder starting February 9th. 

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