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As someone who’s had a stalker, deciding to watch Stephen Soderbergh’s Unsane alone, late at night, was probably not the brightest decision I’ve ever made. But I was intrigued by this whole “shot on an iPhone” biz, and also curious about how the film would handle my biggest nightmare: being stuck in a hospital ward

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31 Horror Movies in 31 Days …. Ish

So much for getting this all wrapped up last October! Excuses are lame, so I’m not going to make them. Instead, how about I finish what I started by giving you the scoop on the rest of the Stephen King adaptations I’ve seen. {side note: even though I LOVE The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile,

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Maniac (2012)

{Cross-posted to Three Imaginary Girls} I didn’t think there was any way Elijah Wood would ever be able to creep me out more than he did as Kevin in Sin City, but I stand corrected. Don’t be fooled by Wood’s usual Hobbit-y, childish demeanor; in the remake of the classic 1980 horror film Maniac, Wood

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