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The Hills Have Eyes

It’s been awhile since I watched Wes Craven’s mutant cannibal family terrorize their unsuspecting victims in the dessert, so I wasn’t sure it would hold up. Having seen the remake more recently, I was thinking that the original version wasn’t quite as disturbing—but I was wrong. While The Hills Have Eyes suffers from some of

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Wolf Creek

31 Horror Movies I Own #25: Wolf Creek One of my greatest fears is being stuck out in the middle of nowhere being tormented by a sadistic mad man, with no possible hope of escape or finding help. So, uh, needless to say, Wolf Creek succeeded in scaring the pants off of me. This is

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30 Days of Night

31 Horror Movies I Own #16: 30 Days of Night Initially skeptical about this one (as I am of all vampire films), I have to admit that Director David Slade pretty much blew me away with 30 Days of Night. Based on a comic-book miniseries, this stark excellently filmed horror flick has enough blood to

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