Julia: Going to extremes for a good f**k.

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Many of you may count “The Lead Cenobite” (or “Pinhead” as he became known in the sequels) as the terrorizer of Clive Barker’s low-budget fantasy gorefest Hellraiser – but the REAL villain of this film is Kirsty’s Stepmom Julia.

Note the look of lusty rage on her face as she smacks a hapless victim with her hammer, all so her lover can put flesh on his bones and they can “get it on”. Check out that great face, neck & blouse splatter! She’s wicked in the best way possible, and one of my favorite horror movie characters.

Bonus: Her 80s costumes in this flick are AMAZING. LOVE the bright yellow blouse, matching eyeshadow (which sadly doesn’t show up well in this photo) and gigantor star earrings. 🙂

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