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31 Horror Movies I Own: #1, Hellraiser I suspect that if you weren’t a teen or preteen when Clive Barker’s Hellraiser hit the horror scene, you’d view it now and think “This is fucking dated and cheesy and not scary at all”…and you’d be half-right. There’s no denying that it’s dated. 1987 was a fine

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Julia: Going to extremes for a good f**k.

Many of you may count “The Lead Cenobite” (or “Pinhead” as he became known in the sequels) as the terrorizer of Clive Barker’s low-budget fantasy gorefest Hellraiser – but the REAL villain of this film is Kirsty’s Stepmom Julia. Note the look of lusty rage on her face as she smacks a hapless victim with

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