Paranormal Activity

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I FINALLY saw Paranormal Activity and it was exactly as I expected: good, but not as spectacular as the hype. Comparisons to The Blair Witch Project are right on target; this is a fine film made on a low budget with some decent scares, but it’s not without its flaws.

There were a few things that were hard to buy: the hand-held video camera device didn’t work as well here as it did in Blair Witch, because the prospect of documenting everything seemed a little unreasonable once physical harm was inflicted. Tied into that, the boyfriend was over-the-top with jerkiness, making him so unlikeable that you wanted him to die almost immediately.

That said, the (theatrical) ending* was super creepy and there were some pretty awesome special effects scenes. Definitely worth watching for the curious – but you may need to utilize the FF button until it gets to the juicier scenes.

*a note about the alternate ending included on the DVD: Fine, but expected. The original ending had a lot more impact.

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