Creepshow 3: I will never get that 104 minutes back

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Normally I wouldn’t even mention a movie as bad as this, but I’m thinking that maybe there are some other horror fans out there who *might* be curious, especially fans of Creepshow 1 & 2. But TRUST ME, skip this.

I should have known since Romero and King had absolutely nothing to do with this that it would absolutely suck, but I thought “Hey, why not give it a chance? It might be good!”. Um. No.

Unlike the previous two installments that dreamed up stories suitable for its fictional horror comic, this one seems to have taken several ideas from various Twilight Zone episodes and mashed them together (a girl’s true appearance is revealed by a remote control, a murderous hooker is surprised by a vampire, a radio talks a shy security guard into robbing a pimp ???). And surprise! NONE of them even remotely work.

Terrible acting, terrible writing, terrible damn-near-everything – the only redeemable thing were some decent special FX but not even that could save it. I struggled to get through all the stories, and wondered how a film so terrible could even get made.

Long story short: if this is in your Netflix queue, delete it ASAP. So not worth your time.

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