Sleepwalkers: Death by Corn Cob

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#2: Most Ridiculous Horror Movie Deaths EVER: Stabbed with a Corn Cob

Finally! I started this (which was supposed to be a regular series of posts) wayyyyy back in August ‘08 with Rose McGowan’s “death by garage door” in Scream…and I’ve just never gotten around to posting another one until now.

This one’s from Sleepwalkers, a 1992 film directed by Mick Garris, which explains the Stephen King appearance but maybe not the John Landis, Clive Barker, Joe Dante and Tobe Hooper cameos (my main reason for watching this, in addition to being more than a little obsessed with Madchen Amick from Twin Peaks).

There’s plenty of really ridiculous deaths in this movie, but let’s just pick the most obvious: death by corn cob. Followed up with the line, “No vegetables, no dessert. Those are the rules.” from cat-creature/succubus/incest-control freak/Borg Queen Alice Krige, this might just win the overall award for the. MOST. RIDICULOUS. EVER.

Seriously. Just watch the video – you’ll see what I mean.

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