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Can’t Look Away @ the EMP/SFM

If any of you live in or near Seattle, or are planning to visit the Seattle area anytime soon (okay, even within the next 2 years), you HAVE to check out EMP’s new horror-centric exhibit, Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film. It is simply. AMAZING. I wrote a review of it for Three Imaginary Girls,

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Sleepwalkers: Death by Corn Cob

#2: Most Ridiculous Horror Movie Deaths EVER: Stabbed with a Corn Cob Finally! I started this (which was supposed to be a regular series of posts) wayyyyy back in August ‘08 with Rose McGowan’s “death by garage door” in Scream…and I’ve just never gotten around to posting another one until now. This one’s from Sleepwalkers,

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