Rosemary’s Baby

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31 Horror Movies I Own #26: Rosemary’s Baby

Featuring the most frightening old people I’ve ever seen (with the exception of the rigor mortis smiling couple in Mulholland Dr.), Rosemary’s Baby is a beautifully filmed piece of terror-inducing thrill.

Rosemary Woodhouse couldn’t be happier about being pregnant with her first child, until all her new neighbors start acting uber-creepy, fawning over her a little too much, and she notices her doctor is being shady as hell. To top it all off, her struggling husband snags a coveted role after a random freak accident befalls the originally cast actor…or so everyone would have Rosemary believe.

Eventually the mom-to-be figures out what’s up: she’s carrying the devil around in her belly, and he’s got a whole slew of minions making sure she’s too weak to get away or do anything to stop it.

It’s not so much the idea of a satanic cult prepping Rosemary to be the mother of Satan that’s so frightening, it’s the WAY this film portrays it. By picking what look like perfectly normal looking people to play devil worshiping, orgy-obsessed monsters, Director Roman Polanski kicked the story up a notch and delivered a masterpiece that rocks, no matter what year it is.

Despite the absence of a lot of blood of gore, Rosemary’s Baby is atmospheric, unsettling, and expertly cast—and absolutely one of the best classic horror films. I can’t recommend that you see it highly enough.

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