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Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

I love a good splatter-flick that’s also a lot of fun, and Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil did not disappoint. Best friends Tucker (Dear Wash Alan Tudyk, I ❤ you!) and Dale (who happen to be PBR-drinking hillbillies) are headed up to their “summer home” – a newly purchased cabin in the middle of the

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Rosemary’s Baby

31 Horror Movies I Own #26: Rosemary’s Baby Featuring the most frightening old people I’ve ever seen (with the exception of the rigor mortis smiling couple in Mulholland Dr.), Rosemary’s Baby is a beautifully filmed piece of terror-inducing thrill. Rosemary Woodhouse couldn’t be happier about being pregnant with her first child, until all her new

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Storm of the Century

31 Horror Films I Own #9: Storm of the Century Okay, so this is actually a horror mini-series, not a film, but I wanted to share with you people how awesome it is, because it’s hard to sell Stephen King movies. With a few exceptions (Kubrick’s The Shining and the original 1976 Carrie are the best),

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