Critters: A New Binge

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I’m not sure what anyone was expecting from the latest installment in the Critters universe via Shudder, but I actually thought Critters: A New Binge was pretty fun.

A New Binge introduces us to Christopher, a teen who struggles with fitting in. His mom is still firmly livin’ the party lifestyle and is constantly trying to get him to diet, and his Uncle (Gilbert Gottfried) is well, just plain weird. Luckily, he has the unwavering support of his BFF Charlie, who tries to encourage him to just be himself and ask his crush, Dana, out for a date already.

Meanwhile, the Crites are headed back to earth on a “secret mission” and even though the President orders them not to eat, they’re pretty hungry when they arrive and launch themselves into a high school party buffet. Good thing the alien Bounty Hunters are right behind those pesky critters and can help wipe them out — or is it?

This new series is from director Jordan Rubin and writers Al & Jon Kaplan, the team that gave us Zombeavers, which should tell you everything you need to know. There’s a ton of meta-movie humor (look for nods to Star Trek II, and my favorite – Avengers: Infinity War), the jokes are ridiculously over-the-top, and the Crites clearly come from the same universe as the gremlins in Gremlins 2; the President even has a translator on so you can hear his “educated” voice in English.  

True to the other Critters films, there’s no deeper meaning or anything to dissect here. This is just pure, stupid entertainment — a sci-fi horror with ridiculous special F/X (which they also poke fun at) and hilarious pratical puppetry.

Hey also, it’s pretty refreshing to see three diverse teens on screen; Joey Morgan (Christopher), Stephi Chin-Salvo (Dana), and Bzhaun Rhoden (Charlie) all did an amazing job and seem like actual, REAL teenagers. And Kirsten Robek as Charlie’s mom, Veronica, nails the exact comedic tone this needs.

Binge isn’t going to change your life, but it is highly enjoyable! Plus, each episode is less than 10 minutes long so they’re easily digestible (HAHA!) and a quick binge-watch.

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