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Crypticon 2019: Dee Wallace Interview

A few weeks ago at Crypticon, I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing iconic actress Dee Wallace, star of SO many films including E.T., Cujo, The Howling, The Frighteners, Critters, and several Rob Zombie-directed films including the upcoming 3 From Hell. Take a listen to it here; I’ve transcribed the first part before the Q&A

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Critters: A New Binge

I’m not sure what anyone was expecting from the latest installment in the Critters universe via Shudder, but I actually thought Critters: A New Binge was pretty fun. A New Binge introduces us to Christopher, a teen who struggles with fitting in. His mom is still firmly livin’ the party lifestyle and is constantly trying

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Can’t Look Away @ the EMP/SFM

If any of you live in or near Seattle, or are planning to visit the Seattle area anytime soon (okay, even within the next 2 years), you HAVE to check out EMP’s new horror-centric exhibit, Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film. It is simply. AMAZING. I wrote a review of it for Three Imaginary Girls,

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