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Info on this new found footage film landed in my inbox, and I’m glad I took a look! At just over an hour, THE ANDY BAKER TAPE is a tight piece of unsettling storytelling. 

Through the lens of a found digital camera, we’re introduced to YouTube food vlogger Jeff Blake (played by Writer/Director Bret Lada), who just got word that the Food Network is interested in turning his video series into a regular show. Blake also recently discovered that he has a half-brother named Andy (Dustin Fontaine), and decides to meet him and bring him along on some food adventures filming everything to provide a compelling story arc for his Food Network audition tapes. 

From the start, Jeff and Andy experience awkward friction, as Jeff immediately judges Andy’s house and cooking, and starts poking fun at him for being an uncultured hick. As the two brothers get to know each other better, it becomes clear Andy is trying desperately to impress Jeff and gain his approval. But when their on-screen relationship starts to take off, Andy starts acting really strange. 

This is definitely one of those films where the protagonist isn’t particularly likable, which in this case ends up being something that keeps you guessing about the outcome. THE ANDY BAKER TAPE is a thrilling ride, and I recommend you check it out! 

Lada says that the film, “…was written, shot, and edited in a 6-month period during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Created by a displaced screen actor, an out-of-work Blue Man, an Australian-based sound engineer, and a first-time female producer; this film is a testament to creation and keeping the artistic spirit alive while the rest of the world was forced into hibernation.”  Love it when I find a passionately made, true indie. 

Currently available on the Terror Films Channel and will have a wider VOD release on Friday, August 12. 

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