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Info on this new found footage film landed in my inbox, and I’m glad I took a look! At just over an hour, THE ANDY BAKER TAPE is a tight piece of unsettling storytelling.  Through the lens of a found digital camera, we’re introduced to YouTube food vlogger Jeff Blake (played by Writer/Director Bret Lada),

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Willow Creek

{Cross-posted to Three Imaginary Girls}  Holycrap, you guys. I was not expecting to get completely and totally sucked in by Willow Creek, especially because Director Bobcat Goldthwait has been calling it, “The Blair Squatch Project.” But 10 minutes in, I was ALL in, and even though the premise is ridiculously goofy, the film itself falls firmly in the

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Lovely Molly

{Cross-posted to Three Imaginary Girls}  Opening with a “found footage” sequence (expected by Director Eduardo Sanchez, one-half of the writing and directing team that brought us The Blair Witch Project) packed with intense emotion, Lovely Molly then backtracks to start at the beginning. Scraping together money to start their new life together, young married couple Molly and Tim

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