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It’s October! Which means it’s time for 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days. Last year I did a post every day on about a horror movie I own, but this time I’m gonna mix it up with stuff I own and stuff I’m watching on DVD.

First up – Offspring, which I checked out on streaming Netflix mostly because I had seen The Woman a few months ago, and this is its prequel. And after watching, I gotta say that despite a lot of bad acting, this film is pretty bad ass. If they’d tweaked the special F/X just a bit (admittedly probably not their fault, I bet the budget on this was pretty low), and hired people who could deliver lines better, I think it might have been kinda terrifying. Also, I’m not sure why the second female cannibal had crazy punk rock hair extensions in white and purple-black. But, I digress.

Basically there’s a gang of cannibals moving up and down the coast (East, I think), slaughtering families and bringing home the “meat” – and some babies for good measure (and to grow their family).

The plot is pretty ridic – involving a couple living in a remote-ish cabin, their friend who comes to visit them, and her abusive ex-husband who’s en route. As is typical, all the cops (except one) trying to round up the cannibals and stop them engage in the stupidest behavior ever, which of course results in them all getting killed.

So what’s good about it? Well, my friends. The gore. It’s pretty damn exceptional. They don’t shy away from anything in this one – tons of ripping into bodies with knives and bare hands, entrails, hearts, brains, limbs, and other eviscera. The sheer amount of body parts is impressive! There’s also a bunch of rape and torture going on, and some violating of a woman involving sharp tinfoil chompers, including a scene which made my ladyparts hurt, wherein one of the cannibal men bites down between the legs of a captive and rips out some pieces.

After watching, I feel like anybody who’s seen Offspring wouldn’t make such a big deal about the gore and torture in The Woman. They’re pretty much neck-in-neck (or blood trail for blood trail, if you will) in terms of gross in-your-faceness.

Another good thing: Polly McIntosh is definitely the star of this film, just as she is in The Woman. I don’t know how this chick does it, but she makes being a feral, blood-spattered cannibal mama look easy.

Recommended for fans of extreme gore – especially those planning to see The Woman. Just try to ignore the crappy bits, and you’ll get through it.

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