The Neon Demon


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“I know how I look. What’s wrong with that?”

Last night I finally go to see Nicolas Winding Refn’s epic shock porn horror art piece, The Neon Demon, which many of the people at Cannes deemed as “trash,” and walked out of. A few people in the theater with me last night for the preview screening also walked out — however, thought Refn’s film was pretty brilliant both visually and in its hilarious skewering of a problematic industry I’ve never been able to understand or embrace.




It’s October! Which means it’s time for 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days. Last year I did a post every day on about a horror movie I own, but this time I’m gonna mix it up with stuff I own and stuff I’m watching on DVD.

First up – Offspring, which I checked out on streaming Netflix mostly because I had seen The Woman a few months ago, and this is its prequel. And after watching, I gotta say that despite a lot of bad acting, this film is pretty bad ass. If they’d tweaked the special F/X just a bit (admittedly probably not their fault, I bet the budget on this was pretty low), and hired people who could deliver lines better, I think it might have been kinda terrifying. Also, I’m not sure why the second female cannibal had crazy punk rock hair extensions in white and purple-black. But, I digress.