It’s October! Which means it’s time for 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days. Last year I did a post every day on about a horror movie I own, but this time I’m gonna mix it up with stuff I own and stuff I’m watching on DVD.

First up – Offspring, which I checked out on streaming Netflix mostly because I had seen The Woman a few months ago, and this is its prequel. And after watching, I gotta say that despite a lot of bad acting, this film is pretty bad ass. If they’d tweaked the special F/X just a bit (admittedly probably not their fault, I bet the budget on this was pretty low), and hired people who could deliver lines better, I think it might have been kinda terrifying. Also, I’m not sure why the second female cannibal had crazy punk rock hair extensions in white and purple-black. But, I digress.



PETA’s got nothin’ on these guys.

More horror-vertising!

This one is by a Dutch Animal Rights group. Pretty gruesome, yeah? Man, why don’t we have advertising like this? Check out the stills over on Animal also.

Cabin Fever

31 Horror Movies I Own #30: Cabin Fever

I know everybody likes Hostel more, but I still stand by my belief that Eli Roth’s first film is his best (so far). Cabin Fever evokes the feeling of old-school slasher movies complete with the requisite amount of drugs, booze, and T&A—but instead of a crazy killer, it’s an unstoppable virus that’s killing people.

The gist is that some college kids head out to a small cabin to party, and unfortunately encounter a very sick gentleman who stumbles out of the woods and vomits blood all over their car, and well, that’s when the trouble starts. Mysterious skin rashes turn into melting piles of goo, exploding bodies, and friends turning against friends as they try to fight something they can’t win against.

There are definitely a few “really?” moments that aren’t perfect, but as a whole, this film is highly entertaining. Blood, gore. More blood, more gore. Cringe-worthy close-ups of skin, bone and entrails, and the grossest shaving scene I’ve ever seen. I still think it’s great, and deserves more praise than it gets.

I recently caught Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, and it was also good in a similar way—as in: more blood and guts on screen than actual plot…and it’s actually even grosser. If that’s what you’re in to, check it out.

Dead Alive

31 Horror Movies I Own #29: Dead Alive (AKA Braindead)

My second favorite Peter Jackson film (Heavenly Creatures is the first), Dead Alive is a hilarious 1992 blood-fest from the LOTR master that makes me extremely happy.

Shy Lionel Cosgrove is trying to escape his overbearing mother’s clutches so he can woo the girl of his dreams, when oops! Mom is bitten by a Sumatran Rat Monkey (omfg. The monkey! makes me laugh. and laugh. and laugh), and turns into a maniacal, flesh-eating zombie.

Once Lionel realizes his mom is of the undead, he tries to hide her in their house, subsequently stuffing all the other zombies she creates in the basement—which eventually results in buckets and buckets and buckets of blood, and insane puppet-y zombie creatures that try to consume the entire town.

It’s totally low budget and slapstick-y, and the acting is almost ridiculously bad, but I still love it to death. The amount of blood and entrails alone is enough to warrant multiple viewings.

I highly recommend this when you’re in the mood for something that will make you laugh, but is also gory enough to satisfy your love for bloody special F/X.