Author: Amie

#1: The Most Ridiculous Horror Movie Deaths EVER

The first in a series – this has be the biggest flaw in the first Scream movie (altho I still love it to death). Screenwriter Williamson gets some major points for having Tatum scream “fucker” as she throws the beer bottle, but clearly lost some brain cells thinking that the garage door would actually lift

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Not for the Squeamish

I was rewatching both Alien and Aliens this weekend, and while they are not ‘technically’ horror films, there do both contain quite a bit of lovely splatter…and not just your regular garden variety splatter, either. There’s human blood splatter, synthetic android splatter, and alien blood splatter. Hooray! Anyway – speaking of splatter: I found an

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Julia: Going to extremes for a good f**k.

Many of you may count “The Lead Cenobite” (or “Pinhead” as he became known in the sequels) as the terrorizer of Clive Barker’s low-budget fantasy gorefest Hellraiser – but the REAL villain of this film is Kirsty’s Stepmom Julia. Note the look of lusty rage on her face as she smacks a hapless victim with

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