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Spoiler warning!  When I first saw Hostel I honestly wasn’t a fan. It takes a looong time to get to any kind of gore (we’re 33 minutes in before the first severed head is revealed – and then it’s another 20 minutes before the real gory stuff starts), and the main characters are all completely

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So here’s the thing, when people tell me that a horror film is completely brutal and the gore is so extreme it’s going to make me sick, I brush them off, because well, it’s usually not true. But with Martyrs – well. Yeah. They were right. Normally when I’m watching a horror movie, I’m clapping

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They finally released a trailer for Lucky McKee’s The Woman, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. The trailer seems to showcase the kitschy/gory aspects pretty well, while downplaying the controversial aspect. Nicely done, Monster Pictures. {and thanks to Next Projection for letting me know it was out there}  (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)

Open House

Open House (2010) Those of you who might have seen the cover art for this film probably noticed that Sookie & Bill from True Blood are featured prominently. That’s actually a slick marketing trick, since their combined screen time is less than 10 minutes. It all makes sense, though, because this little horror flick is

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